Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chic Headbands: Always have a good hair day!

Ok, so my new obsession is with headbands! They recently have made headbands so chic at places like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe. There is even adorable ones at Esty! Oh! Don’t forget Posh Population. They are perfect for girls (like me) who frequently have bad hair days and its cheap! Here are some options that I like:
Posh Population

5.00-Omg! Awesome price! Get in touch with your wild side!

This headband is so chic and vintage looking. It would dress up any outfit!-8.80
Charlotte Russe

This headwrap or headband is perfect buns or ponytails! It will pull back any stray or messy hair!-6.50

ah! I love it and the price! It is adorable -11.50

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