Saturday, July 31, 2010

Glamour Doll eyes pigment review

Colors from left to right: Bleeding love, electric lemonade, shanrock, boyfriend sweater, hello brooklyn, cloud coverage
Ok So this is my first blog review and I hope I do it well. I received 6 glamour doll pigments today in the mail. I was very excited because there has been a lot of hype through the youtube beauty community about this company. I have come to realize that some youtube gurus receive a certain percentage of each sale they send to the company. With that being said I am not being paid anything for this review. It will always be my honest opinion.
Packaging: They are in a plastic tube as shown with a cute sticker on top. The labels are very easy to read.
Product: My first impressions were good. When I first looked at the colors they looked super pigmented. My favorite color was shamrock and when applied it was true to the color shown on the website. The colors were all very shimmery. There is not many companies that have pigments that do not have a lot shimmer or glitter in it. All in all the pigments are good quality and worth the money.
Between July 30th and August 10th use this coupon for 50% off 8 full jars of pigments.: lovegde


  1. Those colors are brilliant! Too bad I just bought some NYX pigments on ebay or I would def. had ordered some! Great review!

  2. you have to try picture whore...i named it!